• Company’s zero tolerance on child labour.
  • From ‘womb to tomb’, We take care of all our employees and their families.
  • We provide strong worker welfare facilities such as dispensaries, maternity wards, child development centers, day care centers, latrines, drinking water systems, transport facilities for medical purposes, amongst others.
  • We conduct various welfare activities such as medical camps, eye camps, nutritional programs, awareness programs on alcoholism, blood marriages, breast feeding etc.
  • We invite our valued customers to support us in our endeavour to uplift the lives of the tea plantation community
  • We are associated with the Lanka Mother & Child Support Foundation (www.lankamotherandchild.org).
  • We are in the process of achieving self-sufficiency in the generation of renewable energy through the production of electricity from bio gas and hydro power. We estimate the total generation to be approximately 4.85GWh of electricity annually.
  • Reduction of energy consumption by the substitution of fuel wood from diesel in the manufacturing process. These fuel wood plantations are grown in the estate for this purpose.
  • Neutralizing the emission of carbon dioxide through the establishment of tea bushes, shade trees, wind belts, and weeds etc which are biological scrubbers that help minimize Carbon Dioxide emission.
  • We currently own and manage approximately 140,000 trees excluding flower and calliandra trees with more than 300 Hectares of land still to be used for tree planting.
  • Bogawantalawa’s carbon footprint stands at 0.54 Kg / 1 Kg of made tea. Therefore, we are a Carbon Neutral company.