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OCT 2015, Cataract surgeries for estate workers

The cataract Surgeries for Estate Workers were under taken with the assistance of the NGO at Nuwara Eliya General Hospital

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OCT 2015, Children’s day programme Norton Division Creach

The above programme was held on 31.10.2015 at Norton Division Creach. The Health Team, Parents and children were participated in this programme, Mid day meals have been provided to the children.

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OCT 2015, Saraswathy pooja at Cleverton Division Creach

Saraswathy pooja was held on 23.10.2015 at Cleverton Division Creche with the assistance of the parents and EWHCS.

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NOV 2015, Parents meeting for diabled children

An awareness meeting was held for the parents of disable children was held on 6th November, 2015.

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DEC 2015, Children's friendly space

A new building was constructed as a place for the children in the Bogawana estate to meet, play and learn.

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DEC 2015, Awareness programme for disabled children's parents

A awareness program for disabled children's parents at the Bogawana Estate was conducted to educate parents on care,safety, well-being and how to deal with emergency situations.

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DEC 2015, Children's day celebration at Bogawana Estate

A children's day was celebrated with a large participation of the community at the Bogawana Estate. Many a activity, drama and fun based events were organized as part of the celebration program.

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NOV 2015, Mother's supporting programme at Poyston Estate

A Mother’s Supporting Programme was conducted on 7th November 2015 with the assistant of the Government Midwife and the Estate Medical Assistant regarding domestic hygienic cleanliness and House hold cash Management.

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AUG 2015, Bogawantalawa PLC becomes Sri Lanka’s first Carbon Certified RPC

Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC became the first Regional Plantation Company in Sri Lanka to obtain the Carbon Footprint certificate, with a Carbon Footprint of 0.47 Kg of CO2 per 1 Kg of made tea. The certificate which is awarded by the Sri Lanka Carbon Fund under the Ministry of Environment, indicates near zero Green House Gas emissions for the tea production activities carried out by the company. The level of Carbon Footprint achieved by BTE is not only the first of its kind in Sri Lanka but is also comparatively the lowest value achieved by a tea producing company in the world.

Go Green! Get your Carbon Certified tea from the Golden Valley of Ceylon Tea today!

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DEC 2014, Construction of the New Valley Factory Child Development Center

Practising its “ZERO CHILD LABOUR” policy, Bogawantalawa makes education mandatory for its’ employees’ children under 18 years of age. While children above 5 years attend the national schools in the estates, children below 5 years attend the estate owned and managed child development center. One such center was constructed in the New Valley Factory Division of Norwood Estate with funds provided by Superunie in The Netherlands.

Superunie is a purchasing organisation representing 13 independent retail formulas in the Netherlands and is one of Bogawantalawa’s main tea buyers. With a special commitment to support community initiatives, Superunie contributed Rs. 3.7 million through the Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation for the construction of this new child development center.

The old child development center was built for approximately 25 children however, went on to accommodate approximately 35. Needless to state that thereby the building and play area was not adequate for a child’s early childhood. Today, this new center is able to accommodate approximately 40 children and is equipped with a feeding room, infant section, and a large play area in addition to a staff room, toilets, kitchen etc.

The center was declared open on December 6th, 2014 by the chairman of Bogawantalawa, Dinesh Ambani on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Kivits from Superunie.

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APR 2014, Purified Drinking Water Project

This project aims to provide drinking water to a community of 390 families in the Bogawana Division of Bogawana Estate. The first phase of this project was completed in 2013 at a cost of LKR 14 million and benefitted 190 families, a school, pre-school, and Child Development Center. The second phase of this project commenced in April 2014 and will benefit the balance 200 families of Bogawana Estate.

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JAN 2014 , Construction of the ‘Child Friendly Space”

These Child Friendly Space buildings allow children to engage in extra educational activities such as reading, computer training, arts and crafts etc during their school after hours. A teacher is always present to guide the children through these activities.

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JAN 2014, Organic Fruit and Vegetable Garden

Few estates planted vegetables as well as indigenous medicinal Herbs and plants. These vegetables and herbs are 100 % organic.

Harvest of the produce was distributed to the Child Development Centers which were cooked and served to all the children attending the centers.

Three hundred organic avocado plants were inter planted with one Hector of organic tea in Osborn Estate.

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Health Programme for Elders on 25th January 2016 at Poyston Estate

An awareness programme was conducted by the management of Poyston Estate on healthy lifestyle for retired elders on the 25th January 2016.

Thirty two retired workers of the estate were educated on Healthy food habits, Importance of drinking boiled water and the danger in taking betel, smoking and consumption of Alcohol.

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Health Programme for Elders on 25th January 2016 at Poyston Estate

A programme on conservation of environment was conducted for estate workers on 27th January 2016.  Fifty One workers took part in this workshop.  Participants were  educated on following areas: 

I. Social and Environmental Management System

II. Eco-systems Conservation

III. Wildlife Protection

IV. Water Conservation

V. Fair Treatment and Good Working Conditions for Workers

VI. Occupational Health and Safety

VII. Community Relations

VIII. Integrated Crop Management

IX. Soil Management and Conservation

X. Integrated Waste Management

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March 2016, A Special Place to Learn for the Differently Abled Children

The Lower division Child Development Center of Wanarajah Estate and the Lower division Child Development Center in Osborne Estate were upgraded with a Sensorial room to train, guide and improve the differently abled Children in this estate. The room was painted and prepared by Bogawantalawa and the materials and equipment were provided by MENCAFEP. 

The Sensorial room and the teachings provided here will enable the children to improve their hand, eye and brain coordination activities by awakening their senses through touch & feel and coordination improvement exercises. We hope to improve as many Child Development centers to accommodate the learning process of these children based on available funding in the future. 

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March 2016, Moulding Lives for a Brighter Future

Individuals affected by impairments and disorders in our estates are being identified and trained through our Disability Management Program to brighten their future. Under this rehabilitation project we have already managed to employ 2 young men in our estates and this in turn has changed the way they had been living and the way they were being treated by their society.

Kalai Kumar aged 18 was an individual affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and short remembrance. Due to his actions caused by his disability, he was neglected by his family and society. Kalai Kumar had not attended school nor did he have a job to support himself. Another youngster named Nishanthan aged 24 shared almost a similar story. However, he was an adopted son of an elderly couple who cared for him but was finding it hard to fend even for themselves. As Nishanthan was affected by speech and hearing impairment along with slight Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), he was unable to be of any use to his foster parents and family.

The two boys were taken under the wing of our Disability Management Program sponsored by Sligo in partnership with Liliane fonds and The Catholic Health Association of India. They were regularly visited by our trained Child Development Officers during home visits and proper training, therapy and guidance were provided. After several sessions, treatment and monitoring for almost for 10 months, the two individuals started revealing good signs of improvement. Having seen their development, the Loinorn Estate Management was able provide them Sundry jobs within their capacity which has now led them to be more confident and partially independent by working on daily jobs. Kalai Kumar is a very happy youngster now, who has been accepted and supported by his family and society. Nishanthan is now able to support himself and his foster parents in a small way with the income he earns from the daily jobs performed in the Estate.

This is the final result we hope to achieve with the efforts taken by all the Child Development Officers and Medical Assistance with the children and youth supported by this initiative within their own physical and mental capacity. And we certainly welcome any external support that is offered towards this program to further uplift as many lives as possible, especially those with special needs. 

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March 2016, Opening of Library in Castlereagh Division

Osborne Estate Management established a library together with the Murasu Youth Club in the Castlereagh Division on the 23rd of March 2016 for the benefit of the community in this division. 

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March 2016, Clean Drinking Water for 370 Families

Water filters were issued through Fairtrade International funds to 370 factory and estate worker families in Bogawana Estate to promote cleaning drinking water and healthy living.

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The Haglind Excursion – June 2016

97 Children who obtained the highest results in the Ordinary Level examination and grade 5 Scholarship examination in 2015 from 11 estates in Bogawantalawa and Dickoya region were taken on an excursion to the city of Colombo in the month of June 2016.

They were carefully accompanied by the Welfare officers of the respective estates and few parents to the National Zoo, Independence square, Arcade Mall and Galle Face. Further, they were also taken on a city tour and at the end of the tour they were gifted Mathematical instrument boxes as a souvenir to remember the excursion as a result of their achievement in education.

This is a yearly exercise sponsored by the Haglind Family in Sweden to encourage the children in the estates to achieve greater heights in education. 

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Disability Management Project – Community awareness campaign and workshop with Nawajeewana Rehabilitation Tangalle Ltd

As an organization we are able to provide support for the disabled children and youth only to a certain extent, however by involving the estate community as a whole along with NGO Representatives, Government Officials, Bogawantalawa Tea Estate and other stakeholders we were able to bring to light the current issues with regard to the differently able persons and solutions were discussed and mapped with available resources in the vicinity.

Duly, the NGOs and government officials were able to confirm their side of the hiccups faced and also the services that they are able to directly provide to the community. Based on this, a volunteer group was created to help the company alongside to ensure that the disabled Children and youth are included in the community and to see that support is provided to uplift their lives together.

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Cataract surgeries for estate workers – June 2016

Cataract Surgeries for 10 Norwood Estate Workers were under taken with the assistance of Berendina Development Services at the Nuwara Eliya General Hospital. 

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Disability Management Project – Exposure Visit and training by Nawajeewana Rehabilitation Tangalle Ltd – July 2016

Rehabilitation center site and exposure visit was organized by Nawajeewana, where the selected trained Child Development officers were taken to Tangalle for 4 days on field visits to expose them to the differently able community and the way they have been rehabilitated to live successful lives as a fully able person. They were also provided on the job advanced training so that they in turn will be able to help and support the differently able community in the Bogawantalawa and Dickoya region. 

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Household Cash Management awareness and training program for the workers in Bogawana Estate – July 2016

On the request of the Estate Management, World Vision conducted a series of Household Cash Management awareness and training program for the workers in Bogawana Estate. The aim of this was to encourage saving habits and discourage unnecessary hire purchase and expenditures that is damaging their home environment due to monetary issues. This awareness programs are being conducted from time to time in all of our other estates as well to slowly but surely change the mind-set of the estate community and encourage them to save and monitor their expenditure for the betterment of their families. 

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Providing Jackets to Loinorn Estate Workers – July 2016

Loinorn Estate had provided jackets for 840 Estate workers to keep them warm and protected from the climatic conditions. 

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Sports event for Elders – July 2016

A Sports day was organized in the Poyston Estate especially for the elders in partnership with Berandina Development services, EWHCS and Teachers of Poyston Tamil Vidyalayam.

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Disability Management Project – Screening Camp and Medical Clinics by Nawajeewana Rehabilitation Tangalle Ltd – August 2016

A screening camp was conducted in the Bogawantalawa and Dickoya region to assess and identify all the needs of the differently able community prior to commencing the targeted medical Clinics in the estates.

Further, The monthly medical clinics for the differently able children and youth commenced in the month of August. Based on the findings by Nawajeewana referral services and supporting aids for the listed children are being arranged and provided.

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Free Medical Camp in Anhettigama Estate - August 2016

A Free Medical Health camp in partnership with Rotary Club of Colombo Regency and Dr. Lakshman Weerasana and team was conducted in Deraniyagala for the villagers from Anhettigama, Maliboda and Ilukthenna. The camp site was at the Lassanagama Tamil School in Anhettigama.

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